2 oz. Silicone Oil
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Rusty's 'Famous' Gun Oil!

(Size 2 oz.)

*Use to Recharge your Rusty's Rag!

*Cleans and Protects All Guns!

*Leaves an Invisible Layer of Protection!

*Helps to Prevent Rust!

*Gives All Guns a "SHOWROOM" Shine!

*Also great for wiping down your knives!

*Repels All Fingerprints & Body Acids!

*Makes Old Guns Look New!

*A Little Goes A Long Way!

*Best Silicone Based Gun Oil on the Market! 

Use Rusty's Gun Oil on your Guns and Knives for Superior Rust protection and a 'Showroom' shine!


  • Item #: SIL2000

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